Real Engeneering Company

Real Engineering Group specialises in all aspects of cleanroom technology. We fulfill all customer requirements in the areas of industry, science, research, and wherever required. Our company designs, manufactures, and installs its very  own  cleanroom system - “Real-Cleanroom”.

Many of our numerous specialists have over 20 years of dedicated cleanroom working experience.

Real Engineering was founded in 2004 by these very specialists. We have vast project experience in the  construction of cleanrooms for  pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Further clients include many laboratories, hospitals, and various other fields. In 2010 company was reorganized to include also design and HVAC services and now its name  is the  Real-Engeneering Group.

Our main office is located in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. Here too we have our large storage facilities for parts, assembly and production plant. Furthermore, we have the ability to assemble cleanrooms in other regions of Russia, if required.

Every year since 2004 our company has taken part in the large international technology exhibition “Pharmtech” in Moscow.

Since 2004 our company has won numerous tenders for cleanroom technology within Russia and  EAEU countries.    Furthermore, we have vast experience working with government and national projects which we won open  tenders for.

Each year our company has successfully expanded in size and skills. We continually strive not only to improve our own performance, quality, and technology......but also those of our expanding partnership base.

In the ten year period (2004-2014) approximately 60% of our projects have been for pharmaceutical and microelectronic clients, 25% have been for laboratory and research institutions, 10% have been for other   cleanroom related industries, and the final 5% have been projects not related to the cleanroom industry. 

In 2003-2004 we developed our own cleanroom partition system - “Real-Cleanroom.”

The majority of our components are from Russia which allows the quick assembly of our system. We provide quick delivery at an economic price. Our cleanrooms are simple to install and use, aesthetically pleasing to view with a modern design. All technological communications (HVAC air conditioning, electricity, water supply facilities etc.) are all supplied in our cleanrooms.

The Real-Cleanroom partition system uses 'Room in Room' construction. Our micro-climate cleanrooms ensure a class of cleanliness and pressure variation according to international standard ISO 14644.

The “Real-Cleanroom” includes the following components:

1. 'Room in room' partition system

· Partition

· Windows, doors, pass-boxes

· Ceiling

· Linoleum flooring or false floor.

2. HVAC equipment and system

· Air conditioners and ventilators

· Chiller

· Piping and tubing for air

· Local ventilation system

· Air shower

· Smoke free emergency system

· Diffusers and HEPA filter

· System of control and monitoring of parameters

· Controlling temperature, moisture and  variations of pressure

3. Electrical components

· Lights for cleanroom

· Plugs and sockets

Complex engineering solutions

Our company offers all facilities in cleanroom technology for our customers

· preparation, planning and drawing .

· cleanroom,

· HVAC system,

· Control and monitoring system,

· Electrical installation,

· Telephone, alarms, computer network

· water and sanitation,

· technological communications (water, gas, pressurized air),

· other parts of project.

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